Monday, November 29, 2010

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Friday, November 26, 2010

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Power to the teenager

Power to the teenager "SHOT OUT LOUD TO the world life this beautiful is all about Helping the needy UNITY.1) 09/3/10
Power to the Patrick A Jonas.
Do you think people learn from their mistakes?
Knowledge for all the teenager in the world to know.
Well people are very stubborn with them self, there are two ways in life right and wrong. Majority of the people go the wrong way in life. God want us to believe in him but we the people tend to put God at the end of us. God is love; love is hope, happiness, faith, and trust.So loving God is loving yourself, some people learn from their mistakes by doing the right and wrong thing. So over the years they'll learn from it and hopefully they'll teach their children what they learn. Then there children children will learn from their mistakes, and so we will have a better world to live in for generations to come. We as people must come together, see our self as one, because this is what God want from us. He ask nothing from use bout to be one.
about me info at" 2) 09/3/10
Power to the teenager, by Patrick A Jonas.
Do you think people learn from there mistakes?
Knowledge for all teenager in the world to know.
What people must no is God come first and every thing come after. By knowing yourself, is knowing God. God make us in is own image, so asking yourself where you from and where you are going is the key to life. God says lets have a joyful voice on to his name.See your brother in need and help them and there will be a blessing for you and your family. You see we as people always put ourself first for example love:I love you baby is good but seeing you and her as one is the key to a relationship. However seeing her as a Goddess you and her becoming one and seeing our self as one that is very great.Love is happiness, faith and trust. "Mirror mirror on the wall, you see me I see you" by living day after day seeing yourself making mistakes you will want to question it; asking yourself. when loving someone is giving your heart to that person.
Power to the teenager, by Patrick A Jonas.
Do you think people learn from there mistakes?
Knowledge for all teenager in the world to know.
When loving someone is giving your heart to them so you believe in that person, that person become trusted, faithful, and loyal. Having fun, sharing knowledge with your brother and sister and making babies. The family teaching the children the way of life, the right things and the wrong things to do. So it is very important the parent grow their children up. It all start at home, children need their parents in their live growing up. A mother and father is important in their life coming up. Also the neighborhood, and the community is a very important role in your children s life as well. So parents alone cannot do this; the community and the family must come together, teach ,and guide the younger ones. The younger ones grow up to be adult and make mistakes but with the teaching from their fourth parent they might not do the same mistake again. A prayer from God to the people in the world my heart.

Power to the teenager, by Patrick A Jonas.
Do you think people learn from there mistakes?
Knowledge for all teenager in the world to know.

We are divine when we come together in one with love,and unity. Divine is the Sun, Air, fire, Water, Earth, Faith, Community, people together. Believe that royal authority to rule come only from God. We are divinity to the question or condition of being divine. Be yourself to be divine, follow your heart, be humble and faithful with yourself. Then your eyes will see things you never seen before. Then you will have faith within yourself; God is love, love is faith, knowing that is knowledge, wisdom and power. about me info at